Why hire an elevator consultant?

Elevator consultants are experts in their field and have gained this level of expertise by working directly in the vertical transportation industry for many years. They know the ins and outs of the industry and provide you affordable access to years of highly technical and code related training that would typically require you to have a full-time employee or spend years going through related training programs. An elevator consultant can save you from making mistakes that could cost significantly more than an elevator consultant and allow you to have work performed the right way the first time.

We constantly hear after a project that clients wish they had hired us sooner or on a previous project because of how smooth an elevator or escalator projects goes when using our consulting services. We know the industry, the costs, the markups, and the schedules for nearly every type of project. Hiring Allsafe to be your elevator consultant is like knowing the other players hand when the poker cards are dealt. It’s probably one of the reasons that we are the consultants for some of the largest casino projects.

What is an elevator consultant?

An elevator consultant is an expert typically hired by a facility owner/manager, developer, architect, or general contractor to work on their behalf in regards to the vertical transportation in their building or facility. Elevator consultants typically have expertise in all areas of vertical transportation projects including design, construction, maintenance, and modernization of all types and vintages of equipment. While the industry term is typically an elevator consultant, it is common practice that an elevator consultant can also be a consultant for escalators, dumbwaiters, freight lifts, platform lifts, man lifts, and pretty much any other piece of equipment designed to move people or material up and down.

What are the most common reasons to hire an elevator consultant?

Maintenance Goals:

Elevator consultants are hired many times for maintenance related reasons. One of the most common reasons to hire an elevator consultant is to perform a maintenance evaluation on their equipment. This can include a full diagnosis of the elevator, how well it has been maintained, the life expectancy of the unit and future capital planning expenses that might be required to keep the units at optimal performance.

Maintenance Contracts:

Elevator consultants can put together comprehensive maintenance contracts and plans for your building or facility. An elevator consultant will typically evaluate your building type, occupancy, age of equipment, and current/future needs from your elevators and escalators. An elevator consultant will typically work for you to negotiate with the maintenance provider of your choosing to establish the best partnership. Elevator companies are constantly changing, and it is important to put in place a contract that holds everyone accountable for the safe and reliable operation of the vertical transportation in a building.

This is why Allsafe believes if it isn’t in writing it doesn’t exist and we fight to get you the most favorable terms and scope for your needs and wants.

Modernization Projects:

Elevator consultants are probably most commonly hired for the task of completing a modernization project on behalf of the owner. An elevator or escalator is nearing the end of its expected life and it is time to bring the elevator or escalator up to current code, modern day design and optimal performance. An elevator consultant will go through a plan with the owner and find out the needs and wants of the building in order to put together a comprehensive scope for the work to be performed by an elevator contractor. This can include everything from a cab interior upgrade to a full mechanical and aesthetics upgrade package. The elevator consultant will typically coordinate the bids from contractors and evaluate the most responsive bids in order to provide a comparison to the owner for a decision.

A modernization project can be extremely difficult for a building to go through because they are typically performed in occupied buildings. So, disruption to a building can be incredibly inconvenient and communication is one of our strongest assets, which is why we will walk you through every step in the process and keep you well informed on progress or your modernization project. It’s also why at Allsafe, we believe in offering a full-service consulting at a fair and affordable price.

Construction Projects:

Elevator consultants for construction projects are typically hired by either the developer, the architect, or the general contract. Depending on whom the elevator consultant is working for can depend on the services that are offered. Overall, an elevator consultant can evaluate how many elevators or escalators a building may need, put together a scope for construction, provide available options for unique building designs, evaluate the performance of a contractor during or after installation, or testing of the equipment.

An elevator consultant that is hired during one of the construction phases require a very unique set of skills that is not typical of most elevator consultants. Most elevator consultants have a background in maintenance or modernization of elevator and are not necessarily familiar with the process for construction or available elevator designs. At Allsafe we have decades of experience in the construction of elevators and escalators and have worked on hundreds of millions of dollars of escalator and elevator portions of the construction process. There is no better choice than Allsafe for your elevator construction consulting requirements.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss the needs of your specific project requirements. Our vertical transportation experts could talk elevators and escalators all day, so contact us today!