1. Do I need a QEI Inspector to test my elevators?

Effective July 1, 2009, the State of Maryland adopted new regulations regarding inspections by the Department of Labor and Regulations (DLLR). These new regulations require certification by ASMS QEI-1 certified elevator inspectors (third party) for elevators, escalators, moving walks, chair lifts, vertical lifts and dumbwaiters (collectively referred to as elevator equipment hereafter) to make sure they conform to the Safety Code and Regulations adopted by the Commissioner.

The new law mandates that an owner of an elevator unit operating in MD contract with an authorized third party QEI-1 certified elevator inspector to perform a periodic annual inspection of their elevators.

2. What is a QEI Certified Inspection?

QEI is a certification by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) that an individual has met the stringent qualifications to provide a certified inspection of elevator equipment.

3. How can I be sure that the inspector is providing a “certified” inspection?

The inspector must meet the qualification of QEI-1 unless specifically exempted by State or Local law. A call to your local code enforcement agency (building department or fire marshall) should be able to help you.

The QEI-1 inspector should be required to present proof of their current certification. Additionally, proof of adequate insurance meeting the requirements of Local or State laws should always be required.

A QEI-1 certified inspector is not permitted to perform inspections on the elevators for which they have a clear financial interest. It is considered unethical for any QEI-1 certified inspector to perform an inspection on any elevator equipment for which they have a financial interest in the results of the inspection. In all cases, before agreeing to allow a QEI-1 inspector to perform any inspections it should be completely understood that they are acting independently and acting on behalf of the Authority having jurisdiction only, and for the benefit of the Owner and riding public.

4. Are ALLSAFE inspectors certified?

All ALLSAFE inspectors carry current QEI-1 certifications issued through an ASME certified organization. ALLSAFE inspectors carry both general liability and professional liability insurance.

5. In Maryland who performs the 5 year Full Load tests on traction elevators and units with safeties?

The State of Maryland elevator inspectors witness the 5 year full load tests. The 5 year full load test is coordinated and scheduled by your elevator maintenance company.

6. How much does a QEI elevator inspection cost?

Annual inspections are generally performed for a flat fee. We offer many options for your convenience.