Elevator Condition Assessments

• Evaluation of Equipment Condition
• Written Report on Condition
• Estimates of corrective action
• Due Diligence Reviews

Recommendations for Repair and Service

• Identify potential problems and provide recommendations

Maintenance Monitoring and Management Programs

• Evaluation of Overall Level of Maintenance
• Review of Mandated Testing Dates
• Itemize Deficiency Documentation
• Recommendations for Improvement

Existing Building Modernization/Renovation Services

• Survey of Existing Equipment
• On-Site Analysis
• Modernization or Upgrading Recommendations with Cost Estimates
• Contract Documents
• Contract Prequalification
• Shop Drawing Review
• Progress Visits, Punch List Evaluation, Final Acceptance and Close-Out

Bid Reviews and Negotiations

• Review of Elevator Proposals for Repair, Service or Modernization work
• Negotiate with Elevator Companies

Progress Inspections

• Progress Visit for any Elevator Project

Expert Witness and Insurance Claim Analysis

• Elevator and escalator accident consultation